My Interests

Personal Indulgences

If work starts seeping into your personal spaces, you will end up missing outon the little things that make life worth living. I love my profession, but I don’t let it completely define me or sketch out the totality of my existence.

Spending time with family and playing with my kids are important parts of my daily routine. Chatting with friends fuels me from within, and I’m always ready to make new acquaintances. I like people in general, so being around them makes me happy.

When I am not socializing, you can find me watching the latest Telugu movie and contentedly munching on a delicious Indian snack. Though I am not really into sports, I hope to pick up badminton, swimming, or skiing one day. Who knows, there might be an athlete hidden inside me, just waiting tobe unleashed!

To sum it up, I relish all the simple pleasures of the ordinary man. I don’t let stress or worry waste my time or emotions. For me, life is a beautiful gift that is best enjoyed when not taken too seriously.